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Facebook Ads Manager

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Headquarters: Remote


Position: Ads Manager

Department: Advertising Team

Reports to: Senior Digital Strategist


Results (What results do you expect in the first 90 days in this position & what results do you expect in the long term)

First 90 days: Learn each assigned clients account and launch strategies with direction from the Senior Digital Strategist to ensure proper execution of client goals and success. Master the “Hirsh Process” for proper client account management and ongoing optimization. Feel 100% confident by the end of the 90-day period that you can manage your accounts with minimal support and oversight needed from the Senior Digital Strategist or the CEO.

After initial 90 days: Ads Manager should be able to perform all client tasks, communications and strategy consulting with minimal direction from the Senior Digital Strategist and moving to being a trusted main source of contact for strategy consultation for the client while reporting to the Senior Digital Strategist for strategy updates, guidance & insight. The ads manager will continue to learn and grow and bring innovative strategies to the Hirsh Agency and our clients.


Details: (Pay and hours)

To apply: Send a resume to North American Applicants Only!

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