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Senior Front-End Engineer

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ruby rails java front-end docker mysql postgres nlp react api senior

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Why Thanx?

Americans spend more than $5 trillion on restaurants, retail, and services each year. Nearly 90% of those transactions happen in a real-world store. Data is king and online it powers personalized customer experiences and product recommendations. Offline, however, it’s still 1999. Brands are blind to their customers, causing them to spend more and more money on “megaphone” marketing with the same message to everyone. The result is an ever-increasing wave of generic spam that makes it hard for consumers to build deeper, data-driven relationships with their favorite brands. No wonder brick-and-mortar stores are being left behind.

Thanx is fundamentally changing that. As the CRM for offline merchants, Thanx personalizes every interaction between a merchant and their best customers, resulting in measurable increases in revenue for merchants and far greater personalization for consumers. How?

Think of us as Salesforce meets Google Adwords for offline retail. Thanx is backed by some of the best investors in the world — Sequoia Capital, Icon Ventures, and Andy Rachleff (CEO Wealthfront, cofounder Benchmark Capital), to name a few.

Thanx Engineering

Yes, we have an app you can download. But that represents no more than 3% of our codebase. The power of Thanx is in the data-driven marketing intelligence that powers merchant-to-consumer interactions — we don’t show that stuff off publicly, but here’s what it looks like:


Technologies We Use

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