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Front-End Designer/Developer

Added Oct 08 from Authentic Jobs

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(North America) Chromatic in a Nutshell

Chromatic is a digital agency focused on web design, development, process, and training. We have over 10 years experience helping some of the web's biggest brands solve problems on the web using Drupal and other open source technologies. Our team is completely distributed, and while we may be spread across the globe, our culture keeps us close together.

Role Summary

Chromatic is searching for an outgoing and motivated front-end designer/developer with exceptional communication skills who would be excited to work with a talented and tight-knit team in our compelling saga to rid the world of bad websites. A strong online portfolio of your work should be presented.

Roles & Responsibilities

What We Are Looking For
Experience with the following is required:

Experience with the following is a plus:

Some Other Important Traits

What sets Chromatic apart from a typical job?


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