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Senior Go Developer

Added Sep 13 from StackOverflow Careers

devops operations api senior go saas sales grunt engineer

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Outlyer was founded in October 2013 by DevOps engineers who had been in charge of monitoring at several large SaaS companies. Just like the 60 companies we spoke to, we were disgruntled by needing six months to build proper monitoring, using tools that did not scale nor allow for adoption outside of the operations team.

We knew the value of monitoring done right, so we set out to build Outlyer: the only true self-service monitoring platform that enables agility at scale, supports microservices, and builds collaboration between dev and ops. Outlyer is used by world-class DevOps teams at Salesforce, Moz and the BBC.

We continue to monitor differently, innovating at a rapid pace, and empowering our customers to become Outlyers in their respective industries.

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