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Impactstory | REMOTE | nonprofit | Full Time |
Impactstory is building tools to bring about an open science revolution.
The scientific journal _Nature_ recently profiled our main product: "Unpaywall has become indispensable to many academics, and tie-ins with established scientific search engines could broaden its reach."
All of our code is open source, we make our data as open as possible, and we post our grant proposals so that everyone can see both our successful and our unsuccessful ones. We try to be the change we want to see.
We're making good revenue, and it's time to expand our 2 person team.
We’re looking for someone to take the lead on the tech parts of Unpaywall. You must have 5+ years of experience with both Python and SQL (we use PostgreSQL) and experience with directly maintaining and enhancing a production system. We value kindness, honesty, grit, smarts, and getting things done.
Nonprofit, so no stock options.
More info, including how to apply:
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