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Flip (

Backend Engineer

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frontend backend mobile react python ios swift engineer backend engineer frontend engineer

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Flip ( | Backend Engineer | New York | REMOTE, SALARY:100k-140k
Flip is the easiest way to sublet or get out of your lease. We're hiring 3 talented engineers to join our small, engineering focused team.
Our team cares about doing things right over doing things quickly. We're 75%+ engineers, and we pride ourselves on few meetings. We're focused on creating an amazing experience for renting, and we're building out every tool core to that experience.
We're hiring for:
* Backend engineer (Python experience is useful)
* Frontend engineer (Design experience is necessary)
* Mobile engineer, iOS focused (our app is built in React Native, but our head of mobile is a Swift expert so we're flexible)
Reach out directly to with a portfolio (we don't care about resumes as much as pure output). This is a job post for FE, but has details about how we operate:
Cultures we look to emulate are Stripe and Airbnb, so if you like and respect those companies give us a shout.
Our current team:
and me!
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