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Cotiviti Labs Golang Innovator

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manager golang analytics

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The Cotiviti Labs team is the advanced research and development arm of Cotiviti Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: COTV), a leading provider of analytics-driven payment accuracy solutions primarily focused on the healthcare industry. We work with data from billions of health care interactions that occur every day between doctors and patients and convert that data into a rich web of relationships that we then mine for patterns. Each pattern is translated into a solution that helps our clients achieve a superior level of payment accuracy. Joining our team will provide you with a rewarding opportunity to influence healthcare efficiency and effectiveness by discovering and deploying new Cotiviti solutions.

The Cotiviti Labs team has a flat organizational structure so people on this team have no direct managers, are responsible for their own work assignments, and will receive and give quarterly 360 reviews from their peers. We have no deadlines, only a requirement to move as fast as humanly possible and make every minute count. To thrive in this environment team member must have a passion for computer science, technology, innovation, and delivery.

We value teamwork above everything. We succeed together as a team and are accountable to each other for that success. Though we are scattered across the world we regularly get together to have fun. If you are looking for such a tribe apply now.

Learn more about our team by reading our handbook!

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