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Product Manager

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Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


At Dataquest, we teach data science to a community of hundreds of thousands of students worldwide. Our students learn by working with real datasets interactively in the browser, and build interesting projects to solidify their skills. Many of our students who came to Dataquest without any data science knowledge have gone on to be hired at companies like Apple, Microsoft, SpaceX, and Facebook. Read more about our philosophy here, and read what students think here.

We’re looking for an experienced Product Manager who’s passionate about online education. You’ll join a cross-functional team of developers and designers to design, build, and optimize a learning platform that delivers a premium learning experience to data science students around the world.

In particular, we're interested in making the learning process more dynamic and tailored to individual student goals and learning styles.

You’ll have a high degree of autonomy and input into product direction, and will play a major part in helping students worldwide learn cutting-edge skills and improve their lives. If you've ever spent time thinking about how you could learn more effectively, this is a chance to work on that problem.

We believe in developing our product through data -- both data we gather from directly talking to students, and data that we collect and analyze. We're looking for someone who can understand the pain points of our students, test out solutions to solve those pain points, work with our engineering team to implement solutions that improve the learning experience, and evaluate features post-launch to find out how they're being used.

If you believe in prioritizing customer feedback and data over intuition, and you have a passion for helping to educate millions of students, this could be the right role for you.


There's a lot of autonomy in our roles, and our goal is to give everyone on our team the correct context and resources to make the right decisions.

Working at Dataquest gives you the chance to work with a mission-focused, motivated team on an important problem. As a bootstrapped company, we're laser focused on metrics and students.

At Dataquest, you'll get:

The salary range for this role is $80k USD - $100k USD per year, plus equity, and it's a full-time remote role. Salary can be a bit flexible for the right candidate.

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