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Community Manager

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Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


At Dataquest, we teach data science to a community of hundreds of thousands of students from all across the world. Our students learn by analyzing real data, and eventually build projects on topics ranging from predicting the stock market to finding the best NBA players. Students all over the world have landed exciting new jobs at companies like SpaceX, Facebook, and Microsoft by using Dataquest. You can read more about our philosophy here, and learn more about what our students think here.

We’re looking for someone who can increase our impact by building excitement and community among our students. This will primarily happen through facilitating workshops where students can learn data science topics, and through helping students connect with Dataquest and ask and answer questions.

We view community as a key component of learning, and we’ve spent quite a bit of time creating office hours where students can ask questions to our data scientists, and a Slack community where students can engage with each other. As a community manager, you’ll build on these efforts to engage our students early on. You’ll add value to the student experience, and help our students reach their learning goals more effectively. You’ll coordinate with our internal content team to create community outreach and engagement around new course launches.

The community engagement you foster will cause more students decide to convert to subscribers, and it will cause subscribers to stick around for longer on the platform. We're looking for someone who's data-driven, passionate about education, and able to understand the motivations of our students.

Dataquest is growing quickly, and this is a chance to join a small team working on a large, socially impactful, problem. You'll have an opportunity to create and iterate on a high impact marketing program.

At Dataquest, you'll get:

This is a full-time remote role.

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