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Full-Stack JavaScript Engineer

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javascript node java frontend backend docker mobile react full-stack api cloud

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Headquarters: Adelaide, Australia


Frontier Microscopy is a deep tech startup founded in early 2016. Our mission is to accelerate discovery by empowering scientists with intuitive technology to simplify automation of microscope analyses.

We apply cutting edge robotics and AI to automate labour intensive microscope analysis. Our tech will accelerate scientific discovery by allowing scientists to simply automate mindless and repetitive microscopy. We may even play a huge part in curing cancers of the world!

Job Responsibilities
Your responsibilities will include:

You must have advanced proficiency in all of the following or similar technologies.

Our CEO holds a degree in robotics engineering, our robotics engineer holds a degree in electrical engineering, and our Chief Commercialisation Officer holds no degree and was formerly an electrician! Your formal qualifications are great, however we’re far more interested in seeing cool things you’ve built using similar technologies that we require and use.

Hiring Process

  • Survey - applicants to complete 5-10 minute survey by Monday 11.59pm UTC

  • Interviews - 10 shortlisted applicants will be interviewed (20-30 minutes)

  • Project - 3 applicants will be given a short  3 day paid project

  • To apply: Please navigate to:

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