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QA .NET Engineer II

Added Aug 07 from StackOverflow Careers

qa go .net dba engineer

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We are a fully remote team based in Washington, Oregon, Montana, California, Florida and Canada.

What we offer

  • Initial interview takes 30 minutes.

  • If Initial is satisfactory, this is followed by a Work History interview that takes 45 minutes.

  • If exemplary, you will interview with the CTO for one hour.

  • If you make the top 5, you will be asked to perform a 3-4 hour coding and scripting test.

  • If you make the short list, you will interview with the Development team for one hour.

  • If you are a finalist, we will do a back-ground check and call your employment references.

  • If satisfactory, you will have a 30-minute interview with the CEO as a final check and to determine your final salary and/or stock options.
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