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Senior DevOps Engineer

Added Aug 07 from StackOverflow Careers

front-end devops mobile senior engineer

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We're quite up-front about the technical challenges our business faces. Our platform enables multiple white-labeled front-ends, maintains real-time connections into thousands of restaurants' POS systems, and coordinates complex transactions between these and other third parties (such as payment gateways and gift card providers). Running such a platform is not for the faint of heart.

Mobile ordering and payments is an exciting and active industry, full of interesting players and yet still a relatively untapped market ripe for disruption. 

We have a relatively small team of smart, senior engineers who all get along. 

We're super DevOps oriented and like to automate and build tools for everything. We use Continuous Integration and push frequently. 

We dedicate time to refactoring to reduce technical debt and to introduce newer technologies. We encourage new ideas and experimentation. No part of the codebase is off-limits.

Came here for the pizza coding test? Check out our open jobs and we'll send you the test post-application!

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