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Director of Growth Product Management

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Headquarters: Remote


What We Do
Simply put, we make websites easier to use. Through a scientific method of determining which site improvements result in actual performance improvements, we replace the old way of designing sites through gut feel and management opinions with designing sites through data. Tactically speaking, clients come to us for both strategic direction and to supplement their internal teams.

Director of Growth Product Management
As a Director of Growth Product Management at CROmetrics, you will be a player/coach overseeing a team of people who are hybrid product manager, strategic thinker, account manager and data analyst. Your primary role is to enable our product managers to be successful. With your passion for helping your team be successful combined with your agency or client-facing experience, you’ll be able to quickly gain the respect of your team in showing them how it’s done while also helping them to develop the skills they’ll need to grow in their own careers. Product Managers spend much of their time interfacing with clients, designers and engineers. On the client side, our Product Managers must be able to generate data-driven ideas that will improve revenue and other key metrics on client websites while being rooted in better understanding what the customer wants.

Our PMs lead all A/B testing and personalization experimentation for the client, which includes the following:

The director must be able to do all of these things on their own, and be focused on enabling their team to level up their skills. Expect about 10% travel as you visit key accounts regularly.

In addition, as a CROmetrics team member, you will:

If you don’t have previous management experience, an individual contributor role at CROmetrics might be a possibility. The type of individual contributor who will succeed in this role is strongly correlated with prior management experience since the type of client problems you encounter require solutions that leverage both the client and internal teams typical of strong internal product managers who need to influence teams that don’t report to them.

Who we’re looking for
Our most successful candidates have the following skills/experience/traits:

If you’re interested in checking out the people you’ll be working with, click here to learn more about the team.

If you have questions as you go through this, make notes and if we haven’t answered them by the end, feel free to email


Our Culture
Read more about our culture and core values on our culture page and our main jobs page.

This short essay sums up the philosophy we operate by: This is Professionalism.

A unique hiring process – we pay you to interview
We’ve found that the best candidates shine most when they are able to participate directly with the team and show their skills in action. This does require some work from you, so we’ll pay you to join the team during a “paid interview”.

Assuming your submission exceeds expectations, we will reach out to schedule a few informal conversations with our team to learn more about you, and provide an opportunity for you to ask questions of us. If all goes well for both you and CROmetrics, we will hire you for a paid interview where you start working with us for up to two weeks (~15 hours max) as a 1099 contractor. This can be done on the side of your current full-time job so there is less risk to you. If both parties like working together, we expand the relationship into a full time W2 role. If not, we go our separate ways and both sides “won” in the deal.

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