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Inspired Lead Developer

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rails postgresql postgres react aws sql elasticsearch go network

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Headquarters: New York/Arizona/All over


In this job, you'll be challenged like never before. But not in the way you're used to. Not on the technical stuff. We know you can do that (and you will get to do that, for sure).

No, we'll challenge you on a personal level, to let go of all the little places where you're playing small, hiding, doing what's familiar, instead of what's right or what's needed or what serves or what really makes a difference.

We will see you. We will love you. It's okay to feel stuff, to be sad, happy, confused, excited, upset, playful. We understand.

Working for Simplero will impact your life all around: Your relationships. Your health. your body. Your self-image. Your family. You will not be the same person you were.

If you're the right person for us, you're going to absolutely love the transformation and love being here. There will be no holds barred.

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Simplero is a fantastic place to work if you…

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