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Lead Rails Developer

Added Jul 13 from Authentic Jobs

javascript ruby rails java front-end angular react software engineer full-stack api dba

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We are the proud creators of Codewars and even more excited about our newest product: As a full-stack web engineer, you will be primarily handling API development for our Qualified product, as well as some front-end AngularJS development. You may also have some responsibilities working with our Codewars platform.

We are looking for candidates with experience working with Ruby on Rails. AngularJS experience is a big plus. You should be a self-starter, take initiative, and thrive in a low-structure environment. In shouldering a lot of responsibility you will also have a lot of room for autonomy and impact at Qualified. We are a passionate development team and expect anyone we hire to the team to be the same. 





Job Perks: Unlimited Vacation
Annual Team Retreat
LA Office: Friday Lunches & Weekday Breakfast Provided


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