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CET Sales Support and Special Projects

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customer support sales agile project management

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Job Requirements

This is a full-time remote sales position for someone with existing customer service experience, who loves customer service work, and would like to add involvement in related sales projects such as partner relations, licensing, and documentation.

We are looking for someone who is willing to usually work 9:00am-6:00pm CET.

The job requires written and spoken fluency in English (any other language skills are a plus).

About Us

We are a small software company with team members working all over the world. Our goal is to help rid the world of bad software - not a small task! We believe that providing best-in-class customer support is just as important as the software and services we provide. Our support staff is the face of our organization - the manifestation of our ideals and love for our users.

We have grown slowly and remained agile for over ten years now, and that's something we really treasure. When you join our team, you join our circle of friends.

About You

Here are a few things we believe are required to do the CET Sales Support & Special Projects job well.

You are Accurate and Organized
To be successful in this role you'll need to be focused and detail-oriented and good at self-management. We are looking for someone who in addition to dealing with daily sales support tickets, will bring skills in Project Management. You know how to take a new task, research it, figure out the steps required to deliver the work on time, and communicate to others about it.

You have Empathy
We believe this is the single most important attribute of an awesome sales support person. Being able to jump into a user's shoes (and walk around a bit) gives you the best perspective to help them. Our company also strives to focus on empathy in our interactions with each other, as well as with our partners and vendors. You know how to balance the importance of an efficient process and the goals of the company while still caring for the needs of an individual person.

You Love Helping People
We're looking for someone who genuinely likes interacting with people: meeting them, hearing their stories, helping them with their problems, and treating each new customer interaction like the beginning of a long-term friendship.

You Are Tech Savvy
Not only will you be helping customers decide what version of Balsamiq software is best for them, we also work in a remote "virtual" work environment. That means we use a lot of different software to keep our organization moving. You don't need to have a computer science degree, but being comfortable learning and using new software to communicate, track projects, and organize information is a must.

The Work

You should take the time to read our what it's like to work at Balsamiq page. It will help you decide if we are a good match for you.

The Sales Support work for this position is currently done by our colleague Anna, but due to recent growth in our company, we've decided to split the work into two positions. The second portion of the work is other sales related projects where our team could use assistance.

You'll be a member of the Sales Team (also known as the Wow! Division) and work collaboratively with the Tech Support Team (Customer Champions) spread between the US and Europe.

Your responsibilities will include:

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