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MySQL Database Engineer

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Variphy is looking for a full-time MySQL Database Developer to join our 100% remote, agile team.

We develop a Java-based web application called ‘Variphy Insight’ that is packaged for deployment onto Windows, Linux, and Mac OS machines.  Some of the core functionality of Variphy Insight involves software-automated configuration, schema management, and querying of MySQL (and SQL Server) databases from on-premises customer installations.  Thus, for this role, we are looking for candidates that not only have experience setting-up, administering, and troubleshooting production MySQL database servers, but also have experience in the realm of database development — optimizing schema and performance, developing disaster recovery/migration strategies, and providing specialized advice to your peers on the product development team.

Additionally, since SQL Server is also an option for Variphy Insight, any experience involving SQL Server (in addition to MySQL) would give a candidate lots of extra credit.  If you have not had much experience with SQL Server, we are looking for a candidate that would be eager to learn SQL Server-specific configurations, pitfalls, etc. starting on Day 1.

Although our customers here at Variphy install our product on their preferred operating system, Linux (particularly Ubuntu) is becoming the most popular choice.  Thus, in addition to MySQL experience, an ideal candidate for this role would also have experience and comfort working in a Linux environment. If you use desktop Linux at home or in your current role, we’d love to chat.  And if you have had experience as more of a systems administrator (in addition to MySQL experience), we’d really love to chat!

Finally, since Variphy is a 100% remote team, in order to thrive in this position, you should be a team player who communicates well, makes great use of your time, and will succeed in a fast-paced environment.

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