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Drupal Cloud Developer

Added Jul 13 from StackOverflow Careers

javascript php java devops python cloud distributed marketing storage

Apply for this position is a next-generation hosting and development tool for a wide variety of web applications. Our platform-as-a-service model is designed to take an application from the developer's app codebase to a working set of cloud environments with as few traditional "devops" challenges as possible. This involves a lot of really cool software (mostly written in a mix of Python and Go, and with user-facing tools in PHP and Javascript) that helps us make magical features at all layers of the traditional hosting stack: distributed and redundant storage, automated container orchestration, highly-available applications and services, fast creation and replication of environments, etc.

The company is entirely distributed with an HQ in Paris that 10-15% of the company works out of. Various team meetups or occasional get togethers both there and around the world are common.

Travel to various developer-oriented events available to developers who are interested in conferences both, for marketing and educational purposes.

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