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Director, Data Acquisition & Strategy

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Headquarters: New York, NY


As the Director, Data Acquisition & Strategy at Enigma,
you will drive the strategy and growth of one of the world’s largest
collections of public data, the underpinning of our core value proposition as a
high growth technology company headquartered in NYC. By identifying, ingesting,
and cleansing data that powers software solutions for the world’s preeminent
companies and organizations, you will help solve critical real-world problems
through data - from preventing financial crimes to saving lives. We have curated
nearly 100,000 powerful datasets which now require an ambitious director with a
vision to oversee, and, more importantly, expand the asset’s breadth, quality
and reliability. This collection of data underscores our mission to empower
people to interpret and improve the world around them. As such, we make our
data publicly available for data journalism, general exploration, and targeted
non-commercial and commercial research. Our user-base is vast and diverse but
they all employ our datasets to enlighten and discover new, impactful truths
around them. 

Enigma is looking for a dynamic leader who is
entrepreneurially minded and passionate about data. This role is particularly
unique as this person will establish our foothold for our first expansion office
outside of NYC, and will play the leading role in building out a team focused
on growing our data assets. Enigma’s second office will develop around this
leader, enabling this person to assemble a team of dedicated data experts, lay
the groundwork for a culture of delivery, design and execute a roadmap to grow
our most valuable asset, and align himself or herself with the company’s most
senior stakeholders to meet major business growth milestones.


This technical team lead, along with the team that will
subsequently assemble around him or her, will ingest, transform, enrich and lay
the groundwork to connect data from all over the world, employing cutting edge
technology to handle volume and velocity across our highly diverse public
datasets. The team will work closely with the New York office as they ingest
thousands of datasets in varying formats, analyzing and normalizing before
using them to create data ontologies, knowledge graphs and models that allow
users to solve complex problems.



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