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Medical Management Systems

Healthcare Integrations Specialist

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A collaborative and relaxed but professional and talented team

We have a very relaxed working environment that is more akin to a start-up than a company that's been running for 12 years. We have a team of 10 developers (including me) and 2 QA who are very capable and committed - we are looking to get to 1 QA for every 2 devs, so we need to scale up our QA team.

There are no office politics or any of that nonsense, it's a very collaborative environment. I try to keep quite a flat structure where I expect my developers and QA team to take responsibility for dealing with everything in their purview (with me there as adviser if needed). This has allowed me to keep the team small and efficient - which if you see the scale of our solution is an incredible level of features to developers.

We have also developed interesting in-house tech of our own (distributed databases for document storage, natural language processing for clinical text parsing, UI frameworks, distributed config systems with PAXOS, language-ext, and echo-process, to name a few). We run on our own machines in high-security data-centres rather than on AWS/Azure, and so we have also developed our own in-house solutions for deployment, etc.

The people I need are 'self starters' (hate that term, but you know what I mean) and are happy to get their hands dirty as well as look to create innovative solutions to the problems they encounter. I need creatively minded individuals who can solve unique problems; not just with QA, but in improving healthcare too. Healthcare professionals are often not very tech-savvy, and are therefore either scared or incapable of communicating with tech-people. So I need QA than can hear a real world problem and think creatively.

Paul Louth CTO

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