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Technical Documentation Writer

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node scala crypto security network

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Radix is a speedy, scalable alternative to Blockchains and DAGs platforms. It is the first open, public crypto network that can securely scale without centralising, solving the problems faced by everyone from Bitcoin to IOTA.

To learn a bit more about Radix, please watch these videos!

Radix Technology:

Radix Target Market:

Radix Mission:

You will be joining Radix at the early stages on its life, within the first 20 hires. As such, you will have a fast-paced and exciting journey ahead.

About the Technology:

  • Introduction to Radix & Blockchain Scaling Issues:

  • DAG Scaling Issues & Aims of Radix:

  • The Basic Components of the Radix Ledger:

  • Creating Relative Order of Events on the Radix Ledger:

  • Preventing Nodes Lying About the Order of Events:

  • Updates About New Events Via Gossip:

  • Creating Node IDs & Basic Sybil Prevention:

  • Radix Security Model:
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