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Front-end Developer

Added Jul 11 from Authentic Jobs

javascript ruby rails java html css front-end backend react designer ios

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ePublishing is looking for a kick-ass front-end developer to join our team.  We specialize in creating beautiful, modern, revenue generating sites for Magazine and Newsletter Publishers.

Our front-end developers and designers are responsible for:

We're a fun group of people who are passionate about building awesome sites and apps.  We are super obsessed about making our customers and our staff members successful.

Now the really good part.  Pants are optional!  (Shirts are required on Google Hangouts but bad hair is acceptable)

We are a completely virtual organization and use email, Slack, task management, and Google Hangouts. We look out for one another and have a wonderful working environment. Support and teamwork come naturally to everyone at our company. It's what drives our success.

So if you want to work with a team of highly skilled and awesome individuals and you're passionate about building beautiful web sites, get in touch with us. You just might be the next part of our family.

Let’s get some basic requirements out of the way:

Not required, but a plus!

Where we’ll really need you to shine:


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