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iOS Developer

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ios network

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Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA


SPAR! is the self-improvement social network. Think fitness challenges meets Snapchat — where you lose money (and let everyone down!) if you miss your daily check-ins. It's a fun and enthusiastic community of people looking for accountability with others who share the same goals and interests.

We're a small team based in Los Angeles, with significant experience in social software, funded by Peter Thiel and Founders Fund. 

We're looking for an iOS developer who feels like more of an artist than a nerd — someone who believes that products should be useful and thoughtful down to the last detail, and who enjoys making great stuff. We want to build software people are excited to tell their friends about.

Ideally you would join our team in L.A., but we're open-minded about remote work and think the right attitude is more important than anything else.

Besides product design, we're interested in: aviation, music production, gold mining, political philosophy, craft cocktails, architecture, books, etc. 

To apply: If you think it makes sense to talk with us, please get in touch at

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