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Account Security Experts

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Upwork is hiring for account s ecurity representatives. You will play a key role in identifying compromised accounts, securing compromised users, deactivating phishing websites, and resolving issues involving hacking, extortion, vandalism, malware, and stolen identities. You will utilize tools and reports to maintain the safety and security of our users.

The Upwork Account Security team handles a wide array of tasks, many of which are highly technical in nature. If you have a background in IT and knowledge of online threats such as phishing, malware, 419 scams, and general fraud, you are likely to be a good fit for our team.

Some of the things we deal with on a regular basis include:

* Reviewing accounts reported as compromised

* Verifying identities and account ownership

* Assisting account owners with recovery of hijacked accounts

* Detecting and neutralizing accounts created by scammers

* Detecting and neutralizing phishing sites hosted by 3rd parties

* Communicating with users potentially affected by phishing, malware, and identity theft incidents * Assisting users and other teams with issues involving vandalism and extortion

* Communicating with other teams within our department in a professional and courteous manner


What you need to be successful:

* One or more years of experience in fraud investigation or customer service environment preferred * One or more years of experience using the Upwork platforms preferred

* A reliable and fast internet connection

* Knowledge of phishing, malware, and online scams

* An acute attention to detail

* Exceptional verbal and written communication skills

* Exceptional problem solving, analytical and organizational skills

* Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office and related Google products

Experience with the following highly preferred:

* Experience communicating with international users via phone * Email headers

* FTP logs

* ID verification

* Digital image forensics

* Internet security

* IP masking

* Server administration

* Skype

* Ticket management

* Timezone conversion and scheduling

* Whois

* Windows

Honesty, dependability and a good attitude are a must.

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