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Back-end Software Engineer

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javascript java backend back-end docker machine learning software engineer rest senior python git

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Waldo Photos is a photo finding platform utilizing facial and object recognition to empower consumers to toss their selfie sticks, put their phones back in their pockets and live in the moment. Waldo is the only platform that removes all of the friction in getting photos of you taken by others and creates new opportunities for photographers to market and sell their photos. Users can enjoy life’s most precious events and automatically receive images taken of them right on their phones.

We're looking for an independent problem-solver who values learning, keeps current on technology trends, and enjoys the ownership and accountability that is expected from early-stage team members. The ideal candidate:

Base Qualifications:

Senior backend engineer / team lead, ~ 6+ years experience.
Built and shipped complex, high-performance, highly-available distributed systems.
Strong background in python & java.
Ability to thrive in a small team, high autonomy environment.
Leader / Mentor.

Desired Qualifications:

Experience / strong interest in unsupervised and supervised machine learning algorithms.
Experience / strong interest in statistical modeling or related analytic techniques.
Proficiency with data analytics tools such as Python, R, or Matlab.
Experience deploying with docker, Kubernetes.
Experience with data streaming frameworks like Storm, Spark, and RabbitMQ.

Outstanding Qualifications:

Experience with deep learning neural networks.
Background in computer vision or artificial intelligence.
Experience with GraphQL.
Up to date understanding of the JavaScript ecosystem (ES6/7, babel, webpack, etc).

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