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Unipart Group


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ios git engineer

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The Unipart Digital Team comprises 42 developers, based in Cambridge, leading Unipart in the 4th Industrial Revolution. We benefit from being a small team within a large and established company, tackling problems which have immediate and long-term impacts.

We try to adopt the best of both the academic and open-source cultures, having a high-degree of independence, and we work on multiple challenging and strategically-important projects. We highly value intelligence and curiosity, and welcome people from the Arts and the Sciences; our team includes lawyers, classicists, philosophers and musicians as well as scientists and engineers and those with no formal training.

We recognise that great programmers come from different backgrounds, and therefore the most  important aspects are intellectual curiosity, creativity, and the "hacker mindset". We are a friendly group with great flexibility in working times and locations, a well-stocked kitchen and a welcoming ethos.

If your idea of fun is solving difficult problems alongside other talented minds, we'd be very interested in hearing from you.

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