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Backend (Serverless, Typescript) developer

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Headquarters: Tallinn, Estonia


If you have a soft spot for bootstrapped, small, profitable companies with a meaningful product, and you feel comfortable writing Javascript (or better.. Typescript!) with the Serverless framework, you’ll like this.

Drops’ goal is to turn language learning into a delightful game while ensuring effective learning. Sounds fun? Our users say it is indeed! Our app is in the Appstore for 3 years, teaches 30 languages, was featured by both the App Store and Play Store multiple times - Editors' Choice on the Play Store - and the company is still run by the founders. We are a small, super-capable remote team mainly spread across Europe. We communicate via Slack, Git and Trello and run iterative development cycles, and have a release two times a week. We want to be the no.1 app for vocabulary learning and we are getting there quickly with our current user base of 4 million, a monthly active of >600,000 and an average store rating of 4.7.

You can find us here:

You, as a backend developer will help Drops become a service, a more “connected” experience for our users. We’ll store more and more data that the user only has on their device in Aurora, connect it with multiple 3rd party services, allow them to subscribe on the web, and allow them to build a small community around learning languages.

We’re 3 front-end developers strong (frontend is in Typescript as well), who don’t get discouraged if we need to change something in the backend, but we’re looking for someone to take ownership of the codebase and our AWS infra.

You have relevant experience and are comfortable taking charge of the whole backend infrastructure we have on AWS & make decisions on structuring code and data.

This is a full-time and long-term position. You will be dedicated to this role only, hopefully in the years to come.

We value clear and honest communication and transparency, it’s the linchpin of our culture and current success and freedom.

You will be involved in both high and low level decision making and need to be available during European working hours (9AM - 6PM GMT)

You will be:

You need to be:

We offer:

To apply: Please apply at:

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