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QuoteToMe Inc.

Remote Frontend React (+MobX) Developer

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javascript ruby rails java css frontend backend react rest api git

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Headquarters: Winnipeg, MB, Canada


Engineering Team

We have a strong engineering team and management that understands every aspect of building great web applications - starting from conceptualizing features, prioritizing, to development and small UX considerations.

We have separate teams for backend, frontend and testing. 

We are a distributed team that works in multiple countries across the world (Canada, Ukraine & Poland).  

QuoteToMe SPA

The QuoteToMe application is a beautifully designed (based on Material Design) single page application created in React (16+) using the latest technologies and helping libraries and tools like Webpack, MobX, React-Router, etc.

It has a good amount of custom solutions inside it, but the majority of components and elements have foundation in the Material-UI framework (latest 1.0+ version -

Styling is based on single Sass (SCSS syntax) stylesheet heavily scoped for every component with our own flavour of writing styles, similar to BEM methodology. It also has some hints of JSS which are used mostly to style the Material-UI base theme. 

It doesn't use any fancy styling methods like CSS Modules or Styled-components. But we're open to potentially use them in future.

It's separated from Ruby on Rails backend and communicates with it using REST API with JWT authentication.

Workflow & Who You'll Be Working With
The current frontend was built from scratch and you'll be working with our current frontend lead developer closely to implement new features (we have a lot of them coming - some of them really challenging!), and maintain & improve the older segments of the application.

You'll be given ownership of your own parts of the application which you'll be taking care of (mostly alone) and be responsible of them. With guidance and help from lead when needed. 

You'll be working on your own branch of the repo and your changes will be code reviewed and merged into main branch by lead upon completion. We use GitHub for hosting repo and PRs/code reviews.

To keep the codebase maintainable, consistent and clean we have some loose (and some stricter) code style standards in place that you'll need to adhere to. They are not yet perfect and they are still growing - and you'll help in evolving these guidelines even further.

Location & Employment Type
This is a fully remote position. We prefer candidates in time zones between UTC-1 to UTC+4. But we're open to talented and self-sufficient candidates outside these time zones.

It's a contract/freelance position. Right now we can guarantee around ~4 months of work, with the possibility of continued work after that for the right person.

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