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Back End Developer (Ruby & Elixir)

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Headquarters: Boulder, CO



What we are looking for

Ello is looking for an experienced back-end developer to work on the APIs. While most of our high volume requests are served by Elixir, we are still in the process of porting the rest of our endpoints away from Ruby to Elixir - you should be comfortable with both.

Our API serves millions of posts a day - and has to handle everything that goes along with that scale. We have been building all our new APIs in Elixir, and porting everything else to Elixir/GraphQL as time allows. We also have some extremely exciting technical challenges ahead that we need help with.

You can check out our open source repos at

About Ello

Ello is the Creators Network. Our mission is to provide Artists, Writers, Photographers and other creators with opportunities to build their reputation and get paid. Every day Ello serves millions of views to our passionate community - your work at Ello will matter.

You can learn more about Ello, including our stance on privacy and user data on our help site, also make sure to poke around and check out some cool art.

Working at Ello

Ello is a small, distributed team of experienced designers and engineers. We work US hours and collaborate via Slack and Github. Most of our software is developed in the open as public repositories under an MIT license (except our Rails API).

Ello is built with modern technology, React/Redux, Kotlin, and Swift on the front ends, Ruby, Elixir and Go on the back end. We deploy frequently (except not on Fridays) to Heroku and AWS.

Our routine consists of:

To apply: Please send an email to, subject: "Back End Developer".
Please include a resume, any applicable code samples, and any relevant social links you would like to share.

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