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Good Analytics

Software engineer / data scientist with exciting public health start up

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Good Analytics ( is looking for talented and highly motivated software engineers to join our team. Our founders are pioneers in computer science (Mark Dredze; and public health John W. Ayers ( our team has both the skills and the vision to revolutionize the way public health is done. 

We build scalable software systems for processing web data sources to provide key insights to public health professionals. Our projects are wide ranging, including the discovery of seasonal patterns across many types of mental illness, the discovery of circaseptan (day of the week) patterns in health behaviors, the first replicable evaluation strategy for discrete awareness campaigns, a major overhaul of infectious disease forecasting algorithms, the first evaluation of real-time linkages between macroeconomic conditions and typically unreported mental health issues, and a data driven strategy to passively discover the public's health concerns. Nate Silver's Five Thirty Eight called us "brave scientists" for our broad agenda, and work on controversial issues like gun violence prevention. 

Software engineers are responsible for applying data science techniques to solve problems across our many projects. You’ll have autonomy to work on projects from start to finish, including training machine learning models, to data analysis, to writing scalable production software.

Good Analytics is a remote company, operating through Slack and Hangouts. You will work with our founders to address customer needs for analytics for a variety of public health problems. We have transformed media monitoring by developing strategies to discover, describe, and deliver actionable trends to numerous organizations. For example, our founders first reported on how Charlie Sheen’s HIV status disclosure impacted public help seeking and testing regarding HIV and HIV risk behaviors. Reporting on this finding led to a second bump in HIV testing eclipsing the impact of traditional awareness days.



Preferred Qualifications:

We will consider both short and long term engagements.

We want you on our team!  To apply, send your resume to

Good Analytics creates actionable intelligence from big media data, making public health advocacy more data driven and thereby more responsive to populations.

Good Analytics is committed to fostering and supporting a creative and diverse environment. Good Analytics is an equal opportunity employer, and as such will consider all qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

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