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Course Concierge LLC

Full-stack developer

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javascript php java html css front-end mysql react full-stack rest api

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Wanted: Brilliant full-stack developer, long-term position, exciting company


Hi there,

My name’s Kathryn. I work with entrepreneurs Till H. Gross and Edward Druce of Course Concierge.

Course Concierge is an online course publishing company that creates industry-leading online courses for NYT best-selling authors, TED speakers and YouTubers with millions of subscribers.

Our clients include YouTubers with 100,000,000+ views, one of the most hotly-followed health experts on Instagram, and a coach to NFL athletes, NBA players and U.S. special forces.

We’ve run over a dozen launches the past year alone, and we’re doing very well.

Check us out here:

For the right person, this is a Dream Opportunity — and dream company.

We’re one-year-old and growing, and we’re looking for a second developer to join our team of 12.

If you are someone who…

- Wants to excel in your career and take pride in active and stimulating work

- Is looking for a shot to prove yourself

- Gets excited at the prospect of learning a tremendous amount, with fast-paced and varied demands

- Has the ability to work within tight deadlines and juggle multiple tasks with poise

…this could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

We’re a great company to join. Here’s why…

- We’re young (just a year old) and you will be getting in at the ground level

- We have an unbelievably engaged team, with world-class people in every department (from video production to research to copywriting and design)

- Our clients are fantastic. We only take on a handful and are incredibly selective in who we work with

- We’re a remote company and you’ve the freedom to work from anywhere in the US.

- We’re going places.

This position is the right fit for you if…

- You are someone who completely understands how WordPress works at the code level. You have built your own custom themes/plugins and you know how to extend WordPress core.

- You understand how REST APIs work and you are comfortable consuming RESTful web services, either via the client (AJAX) or the server (PHP).

- You like finding smart and elegant solutions to coding problems, in line with WordPress coding and security best practices. Your code is clean, understandable  and well commented.

- You have solid knowledge of PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript/JQuery, CSS. Experience on any kind of front-end framework (i.e. Bootstrap) or Javascript framework (React, Vue) is a plus.

- You are competent with version control systems (Git) and having experience with modern web development workflows and tools (Yarn, Gulp, Sass) is a plus.

You need to…

- Like a big workload and be comfortable working quickly. We like to get a lot done in a day and you will be pushed

- Welcome revisions and embrace our perfectionist tendencies (as well as our clients’)

- Help us refine our technical processes

- Be a clear and capable communicator. As a company we take writing seriously. Great English and attention to detail are essential.

- Be someone we love working with! Fit comes first, above everything else for us. If you don’t ‘spark joy’ for the team, no matter how good you are, we won’t take you.

Nearly all of our communication is written (we use Basecamp 3 and are big fans of it), but we’d like you to be comfortable getting on the occasional call too.

You will be needed for the following…

Throughout each project, we have five core needs for development.

1. Lay the foundation

Setup of a client’s domain and hosting, and integration of a payment gateway, membership plugin, affiliate plugin and email platform.

As a team, we consider ourselves ‘mixed online course artists’.

Most clients already have websites, hosting and email platforms. Whatever platforms they’re using, we need to be able to get on with them and have them work well together (minimising migrations as much as possible).

The one exception to this is we do everything on WordPress.

2. Create a stunning email capture page

Here are two examples from some of our clients…

From our design team’s PSDs, everything you create needs to be wonderfully responsive, and no stone (from the thank you page to a nicely formatted confirmation email) left unturned.

3. Build a long-form sales page

Our designers make sales pages that are many thousands of words digestible and enticing to read. We need you to do their work justice.

4. Creation of membership area

Pick a favourite WordPress membership plugin and create a layout that houses a course with clear and simple navigation.

We always look to enhance the user experience for clients’ customers and deliver the best learning environment possible.

5. Checkout page

Making sure payments are taken, membership entitlements are correct and segments are created in a newsletter platform for buyers.

You know where we can get free SSLs and best practices for security.


The position will start at 20-25 hours per week, with a view to becoming near enough full-time in a matter of months. Pay will be set at a competitive hourly rate, fixed.

To apply…

Please write to with ONE example of a responsive page you have coded, along with a brief pitch on why you think you’d be a great fit.

Do not send more than one link or your entry will be disqualified. 

Also, please do not send a resume, CV or attachment of any kind. We don’t care where you went to college (or that you even went at all) — all that matters is whether you can do it.

We won’t be able to get back to everyone, but for those who stand out, we will send a list of interview questions in writing, then, for the few we like best, set up a brief call to discuss the opportunity.

The deadline for submissions is June 10, though those who apply sooner have an advantage.

We will pick two candidates from interviews to begin a paid two-week trial (to assess on-the-job performance and cultural fit). One person will then be chosen for the ongoing role.

Thank you for reading. Best of luck, and I look forward to hearing from you!


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