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BigPay Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Online Community Manager - Blockchain

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manager scala crypto distributed network

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Headquarters: Singapore / Malaysia


If you are not technically familiar with blockchain
based projects then no problem - it is not required. However some knowledge of
what Ethereum and financial transactions networks would be useful.

Though our company is based in South East Asia our team is



We are looking for a candidate with exceptional
customer service skills to communicate with our stakeholders online, espouse a
positive culture and community sentiment online, closely monitor online channels,
and remain accountable to the core team of the project.


This is a unique opportunity to contribute
significantly to a leading blockchain/cryptocurrency project and be a valued
member of the team.

for this role include:


Perfect command of English (written and spoken).
Asian language proficiency an advantage.

Trustworthy, reliable, integrous.

To apply: Send a resume to

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