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Python Engineer

Added May 22 from WeWorkRemotely

angular react api senior backbone python flask django dba distributed junior

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Headquarters: Remote


We are looking for an experienced Python developer to help build, improve, and build out a large python application for one of our client’s projects.  Our engineering teams are lean, distributed, and largely asynchronous. We value a calm, collected environment where you can focus on doing great work. Aside from a couple of weekly check-ins or project updates, you'll be able to work interruption-free.

What you'll be doing

Working hand in hand with other engineers in developing API endpoints and services that are consumed by a react front end and as a public API. Day to day work will involve writing code, developing tests, and debugging. As a senior engineer you will be expected to give input on high level architecture decisions, communicate those decisions to other developers on the team, and work with clients to explain and implement features.

We are looking for someone with the following skill set:

This position is a contract role currently. Anticipated length of contract is 3 months.

To apply: Apply online at

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