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Create Ape, inc.

Contract UX/UI Designer

Added May 18 from WeWorkRemotely

html css mobile designer cloud ui analytics front end

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Headquarters: Southern California


Create Ape is hiring again!
Work from home? Check! 
Full autonomy. You bet! 
Micro manage? Naaa ...ain't nobody got time for that.
(We were going to post a more sterile job description but then decided... better not ;)

Who we are:
Fun and lean design agency

What we are looking for:
UX/UI designer for full-time remote contract role. Salary is 3-4K a month with lots of room to grow. 

Type of work:

What you need to bring to the table:

Basic  Tools You Should Know

Big bonus if you can:

If you like what you see and want to get out of that commute...holla at us with your portfolio, resume, and seriously... a cover page that's interesting or makes us laugh ;)

To apply:

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