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User Experience Developer

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Headquarters: Distributed


User Experience (UX) Developers at Alley work at the intersection of design, information architecture, and web development. Your responsibilities will range from working closely with visual designers to prototype and refine new projects to maintenance and fine-tuning of live projects with high traffic and revenue demands.

Our User Experience Developers need to be well-versed in the fast-changing landscape of front-end technologies and practices, excited about keeping our team at the cutting edge, and eager to work directly with clients to help them solve interesting and novel business plans.

We're not looking for rockstars, ninjas, zombies, or pirates. We're looking for smart, creative, resourceful developers who want to work with impressive clients and who take pride in their work.

We recognize several levels of seniority and experience for developers, and tie compensation and responsibility to this. We are looking for all levels of developers for this position.


Note: Please submit samples of code that you’ve written with your application for this position. Your code samples should represent work that you’re proud of and that you think accurately reflects your abilities and experience. It’s fine if you didn’t write 100% of the code you submit because you were part of a team that worked on it together, or because it includes open source components, but you should be able to discuss with us what your contribution to it was, and explain confidently how it works. We need code samples to fully consider your application.

When submitting your code, please provide links to specific files on GitHub/Bitbucket/GitLab/etc. or upload files using the application form. In your explanation, be sure to call attention to specific parts of the files if they are especially lengthy.

About Alley

We offer competitive salaries and company subsidized medical, dental and vision benefits. We also offer a 401(k) with company matching, a profit sharing plan, and a monthly allowance for work related expenses.

We have no set hours and do not limit vacation or sick time. We trust our team members to get their work done and take the time off they need to recharge and we suggest an average of three weeks off per year.

We are a fully distributed company, meaning we don’t have a set work location. Team members can choose to work from home, or from a co-working space. We’ll furnish your home office and provide a monthly allowance for needed supplies, or rent you a co-working space.

Alley is an equal opportunity employer and we seek to increase diversity in the tech industry. We encourage applications from women, people of color, people with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ community, and other communities traditionally underrepresented in this field.

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Please complete the application and be sure to include the following in your cover letter when applying for a position.

Recruiters: Please do NOT contact us about this job. All hiring duties at Alley are carried out by our staff.

To apply: Please go to and complete the application.

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