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Customer Support Representative

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Headquarters: Toronto, Canada


Thanks for the interest in us and our Support Representative position. We appreciate you taking the time to consider what we, Rise Vision, have to offer.

Since 1992 we have been providing digital signage software that is used by over 9,000 organizations in more than 128 countries. We operate virtually with employees throughout the Americas and Europe. We do business a little bit differently than most and we have described the story of how we work here.

Our support team of five people believes in providing exceptional support services and we are looking for a new person to join us from 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday who shares the same values that our team upholds;

Our products involve both hardware and software, and this includes software installed locally on displays, as well as software delivered as a service to our users for content management functions. Given the complexities of all of these interactions you must be fully proficient with Windows and Linux operating systems, network protocols and troubleshooting, and understanding the inner workings of hardware - you are not intimidated by moving a few boards around. The content that appears on our displays is HTML and you need to be comfortable making small tweaks with your editor of choice and reviewing browser consoles for errors and any other signs of trouble.

An added bonus that you can bring to your application is any prior experience with touch reduction methodologies, next issue avoidance practices, perception engineering, ZenDesk, G-Suite - including Google Hangouts, Trello and HipChat.

As you might have gathered from the above we are a virtual company. All 35 of us work from anywhere and everywhere in the world. Our only caveat is that we are all online and talking from 9am to 5pm EST Monday through Friday. With this in mind we need you to be comfortable with and motivated by remote work; you have the discipline to self start, self manage, and get one thing done at a time, and you bring this focus to bear to achieve the following within the first 90 days of joining us:

And about compensation. We are paying an annual base salary of $47,000 to $57,000 depending upon your experience and you can learn more about how we pay, our vacation policies, and benefits here.

Interested? Do we share similar values? Do you think you have the skills and ambition to make a difference within our company? If the answer is yes we would like you to apply using a process called Topgrading. To do this simply visit the Topgrading site here and complete their Career History Form. This information will greatly help us understand if this position is for you, and if it is, how we can best help you to get on board quickly and successfully.

Once again, many thanks for considering us.

Byron Darlison

Rise Vision

To apply: Please apply via Topgrading and complete their Career History Form here This information will greatly help us understand if this position is for you, and if it is, how we can best help you to get on board quickly and successfully.

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