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Automation Engineer

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Connect Conversations to Revenue.

Founded in 2013, Truly is a complete enterprise voice platform for sales, account management, and customer success teams.

Our customers use Truly to solve their top strategic challenges. From sales performance management and capacity planning, to shortening on-boarding/training cycles - Truly’s voice platform enables leadership an HD-view of entire customer conversation lifecycle. IT organizations embrace Truly because it helps them consolidate and simplify their entire voice infrastructure.

Some things that make us different include: 
* A team of founders. Most of us have either been founders or ‘first engineer’ at startups that have gone places. We know and love building products that create big companies. 
* Engineers who love product. We take part in the entire product lifecycle from brainstorming to design and implementation. 
* We’re not your typical CRUD app. Our software runs across many different platforms (web/chrome/iOS/Android) and connects to a core communications infrastructure that we’ve built from scratch. You’ll interface with every technology/interface connected to each device to create an incredibly rich and resilient experience.

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