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Norwegian or Swedish Community Manager, Marketing Manager

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Headquarters: Copenhagen


Work with 10.000+ clinics around the globe

EasyPractice (Terapeut Booking in Denmark) is the biggest platform for clinics and private practices in Denmark. The platform is used in 10+ countries by 10.000+ clinics and therapists. We base all our marketing on an online, scalable approach.

Currently we're growing fast in Norway and Sweden so we're looking for 2 part-time community managers to help managing our efforts in our beautiful neighbouring countries.

Drive expansion in Norway or Sweden

You will be working with community management, customer service, marketing and copywriting in either Sweden or Norway. You can expect to get deep knowledge of what it's like to run and scale a technology company/SaaS-startup, as you'll work directly with the core team as well as the founders.

We expect that you're passionate about business development, community management and communication as you will be our primary person driving the expansion in either Norway or Sweden. 

Primary tasks of the job

Your primary tasks are making sure we have happy customers in either Sweden or Norway as well as making sure our services are known among all relevant partners and customers.

Typically this involves the following 4 day-to-day tasks:

Secondary tasks of the job

We have our office at 24labs ( in Copenhagen, but our team is used to working remotely. We have staff in Copenhagen and Aarhus as well as outside of Denmark. All employees are very welcome to work at the office and you can expect to have tasks that require you to work from the office, but everyone can work from anywhere as we are a remote-first company.

You will be part of our Community Management team managed by Oliver Lindebod (

To apply: Send a resume to with a short description about yourself.

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