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Frontend Javascript Developer

Added May 14 from WeWorkRemotely

javascript ruby rails java css frontend front-end intern designer ui accountant

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Headquarters: Gent (Belgium)


Our product solves a very real problem: it automates and improves a large chunk of the repetitive tasks people working in financial services spend their time on. 

Most of us work remotely. We’re based in France, Estonia, and Slovakia… Without Slack we’d be lonely, now we just zap in and out of the zone as we wish. We’d be really happy to welcome you in our #dev channel. It’s not just virtual: we make sure we regularly get to see each other IRL too: twice a year we fly the team together.

If this sounds good, here’s more info about the job, and why it’s so challenging. Some say we’re dragging accountants kicking and screaming into the 21st century, but we’re actually trying to keep that kicking and screaming to a bare minimum.

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