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Headquarters: Alexandria, VA 22305

We seeks an employee for a Customer Service Representative position. Applicant will process customer orders, work with our professional sales representatives, and respond to customer inquiries. Applicant should enjoy learning, have an upbeat personality, and excellent interpersonal communication skills. Basic computer, word processing, e-mail, and internet skills are required. Also the ability to form quality relationships with our customers and vendors based on excellent service, trust, integrity, and follow-through skills.

Applicants with 1 years experience in customer service and a basic technical aptitude is a plus.

What you will do:

• Process customer orders accurately and efficiently

• Learn to use technical product information

• Value add industrial automation distribution

• Use reference materials, websites, and support teams, etc. to provide solutions

• Support professional outside sales representatives

• Maintain a positive and organized work environment

• Special projects, issue product returns/credits/debits

• Become a valuable part of our professional sales team

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