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Senior FullStack ASP.NET MVC Core 2/C#/WCF Contractor For Medical Field

Added May 12 from StackOverflow Careers

senior c# .net agile

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We are a small dynamic virtual company, with everyone working from home. We have hundreds of very happy clinicians that use our product to save 30 to 60 minutes per day and eliminate one of their most troublesome tasks in medicine. We are reinventing how clinics operate.

Being a virtual company, everyone is expected to operate reasonably independently. Hard work is rewarded with autonomy and responsibility. We operate with agile principles, drive specs with structured use cases, manage projects with Kanban and engage in daily standups. We favor autonomy and innovation over paperwork, and expect developers to be able to work out many of the details of how a project is to work.

We care passionately about our users and their patients, and work hard every day to make their lives better.

We are an integration company, and much of our secret sauce is our ability to interoperate seamlessly with our target EMRs and other systems, so you will need to be flexible and resilient.

We put our users first and treat our developers with the respect they deserve. We do not micromange, as we are too busy making products our users love.

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