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Front-End Software Engineer for Cloud App in .NET

Added May 10 from WeWorkRemotely

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Headquarters: Centennial, CO


Join a high-powered group of people who write amazing graphics software
for project planners around the world.  Our customers love us because we
make communicating project plans so much easier.  We are an
agile-methodology company and encourage flexible work arrangements. Most (but
not all) of us are in the Denver area, but we all work from home and get
together in small groups when it makes sense.  Your job is to be a major contributor on our new SPA cloud app built with an
ASP.NET Core 2.0 back end.  This app is quite challenging
because our customers expect it to be as powerful as our rich desktop apps.  In
fact, it's likely that you've never worked on an app like this before.  We're looking for someone eager to meet the challenge of putting a high-function graphics application in the cloud.  We
are confident that we can get it to market and achieve success, but we could use your expertise especially if you've been down the SPA road and have learned some lessons from experience.

Minimum Required Skills:

· 3-5 years experience with C#, JavaScript

· Experience with ASP.NET MVC

· Proven skills at software design, coding, unit-testing, troubleshooting,
and customer interaction.

Desirable Experience:

· Experience with Single-Page Applications in Angular, React, Vue.js, ... 

· Experience with .Net Core 2.0

To apply: E-mail your resume, cover letter, and compensation requirements to No telephone calls or third parties, please. Check out what we do at our web site:

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