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Senior Vice President of Engineering & Operations

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java devops operations manager api senior cloud scala .net saas engineer

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ESW Capital takes an unorthodox approach to hiring in an attempt to improve the candidate experience by expediting the hiring process through an innovate online hiring tournament. Candidates will receive an offer as soon as the day of the event should they be successful.

We are looking for experienced executives who have what it takes to run a world-class 1,000 person engineering organization – entirely in the cloud.  

This position is with ESW Capital or one of its affiliated companies.

Working 100% remotely, with team members in every timezone, has its challenges: driving significant levels of value and productivity within teams of professionals from all over the world is one of them.

Our team members rise to that challenge by setting the bar for excellence high, and pushing for the next level of productivity whenever possible.

As Senior Vice President of Engineering & Operations, you must continuously improve the quality of your teams, while leveraging your personal technical depth as a former developer and architect in order to set a personal standard for excellence.



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