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Combine Control Systems AB

Embedded developer with love for control theory

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rest consul python game electron physics engineer c++

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The combination of embedded system and control theory make you the perfect match for our company where we work at the forefront of engineering with challenges at the bleeding edge of technology! It is the passion for technology and ability to create something new that thrives you into territory where no one have been before!

If you felt that we have caught your interest and answered yes on at least yes of the bullets above, then we are really interested in meeting you!

Areas of interests

Building algorithms and programs for embedded mechatronics systems through model-based design. Or you have a love for signal processing to support either a prestudy simulation or algorithms in an embedded system.

You will be expected to quickly be up and running with new and challenging tasks as well as understand our costumers needs and demands.  

Must-have qualifications

Nice-to-have qualifications

If you have read through the whole posting we REALLY do want to meet YOU!

Innovation is tough. Engineering challenges never discriminate between skills. What we offer our customers is that instead of one pair of eyes, they can have a whole team of people with different engineering and scientific backgrounds finding solutions for them. At Combine we strive to leverage the range and depth of our teams when offering solutions to our customers.

As a member of our team you will contribute with your skills, personality and experiences and further enrich our capacity for offering solutions.

Will I always have the same role in the team?

In Combine we do not believe in sticking people in boxes and leaving them there forever. We also don't believe in silos. We believe that you are a person with dreams, hopes and career ambitions. Cross collaboration is always encouraged. Exposure to new experiences brings change and growth to your profile. As you grow more, you are encouraged to take new roles or dip your toes into new techniques and step further away from your comfort zone.

Do you work on projects, or is it consultancy only?

Sometimes you will work with customers at their premises, sometimes in-house, sometimes a mix.

How specialized is the work at your company?

For some projects you will need to have a laser-focus on hitting a target, while on other projects and especially when doing on-site work you will need to use the full range of your peripherals in order to find what is holding a customer back.

How does a typical work week progress for your Team?

No two weeks are the same for our engineering Team! The common denominator is that there will always be a purpose and a real need behind the tasks you have been given, as well as a focus on providing meaningful and reasonable proposals back to the customers.

I like science fiction / volunteering / beer brewing / computer games / climbing / board games / 3d printing / hobby electronics / running triathlons / MMA / knitting / mountain biking / e-sports 

Cool! So do we. These are some of the hobbies our engineers have.

Feel free to contact us if you have any more specific questions!

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