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OpenStack Cloud Engineer @ VEXXHOST

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devops ansible python cloud go rabbitmq engineer infrastructure network storage

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We’re looking for someone to join our technical team which builds and operates our public cloud and many private clouds for customers all over the world.

Upstream first:

We’re big on open source. We do all of our work upstream and we do not maintain any local forks which means that you’ll be working heavily with the upstream teams for any issues that come up.

Deliver the latest technology:

Our customers rely on us to bring them the latest technology as soon as possible while making sure that it is stable and reliable. We’ve been one of the first companies to hit Pike and soon to be on Queens. You’ll enjoy working with non-legacy environments which can easily have fixes landed for them upstream.

Work on exciting projects:

We go beyond the big projects such as Nova and co. We have Magnum deployed, alongside with Sahara and Octavia. Those are projects that very little clouds operate so you’ll have the experience of working with upstream teams to address any issues

Variety of exciting opportunities:

One a day, you might find yourself troubleshooting a Nova bug upstream, speccing hardware for a cloud, working on deployment tools (Ansible), digging into getting a project working at scale (Gnocchi), managing and automating monitoring (Sense) or building and operating storage clusters (Ceph).

If you enjoy OpenStack and the world around it, you’ll enjoy your work here by being able to work on OpenStack and seeing all sides of the story, operator, developer and more. Some of the skills that you might have to use which would be very useful to have:

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