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Trinity Mobile Networks

Android Developer

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Trinity Mobile Networks is seeking an Android Developer with a strong technical background, excellent team skills, and relevant experience in the field. A successful candidate will be dedicated to ensuring our Android SDKs and Applications continue to perform well on many types of devices. In addition, candidates will have an interest in optimization, testing, and expansion of our feature set. Our products and their reach are rapidly growing, so a successful candidate should be flexible, innovative, and dedicated.

Exemplary engineering candidates are experienced and willing to work within Android's VPN/networking APIs. They would be familiar with socket programming, networking and connectivity APIs. The candidate should also be well-versed in the core Android APIs related to application lifecycle, background services, and UI.

This role requires experience with building / testing / maintaining Android applications.

Preference will be given to candidates based in, or willing to relocate to, the US Northeast, D.C. area, or Denver. Posted salary could vary depending on experience and location. When applying, please indicate your experience, its relevance to this position, and your interest in Trinity Mobile Networks.

Trinity Mobile Networks is at the bleeding edge of IP Network technology. Our overlay software-defined networking platform, Jumpnet, makes cellular and WiFi networks appear to end users as a single high-capacity, inexpensive, and ubiquitous network. We enable link aggregation, channel bonding, seamless handoffs, mesh connections, multi-path transmissions, and provide an Always Best Connected service.

Jumpnet helps network operators control their network and offload traffic to Wi-Fi hotspots while also improving subscriber quality of experience. Our platform virtualizes all of a device's connections and aggregates connection-states across the network. This provides network operators with a unified view of the entire network topology and detailed analytics.

Joining Trinity Mobile Networks is a chance to innovate with a talented and close-knit team. Moreover, your contributions will radically change the way we connect to the Internet.

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