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Senior Software Developer

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Senior Software Developer

Lasso is the creator of the leading cloud-based CRM software for real estate marketing and sales. Our users are real estate developers, homebuilders, and sales agencies that use Lasso to convert prospects to purchasers and sell their developments faster and easier.

We have experienced consistent growth during the last decade and our user base asks a lot of our system. Scale, reliability, and innovation keep us learning on daily basis. You will join our server side team to enhance and maintain our server side Java 8 and Kotlin applications.

We have distributed systems hosted in AWS, which are presented to our users through an AngularJS frontend.

Moving forward, the biggest challenge we face is scaling our systems to work with a large data set and high system load. You’ll help us build systems that can easily scale up and down the number of processing nodes as needed and implement rate-limiting to ensure rogue systems don’t impact our SLAs for other applications.

Additionally, you’ll improve the performance of our main data store by adding or changing indexes as appropriate, add caching functionality where possible and set up monitoring to catch performance bottlenecks early on.

Culture and Work Environment

As a fully remote team, communication is extremely important – there is no chance to drop in on interesting discussions around the water cooler, or to see if someone is busy just by glancing at their desk.

We have systems to signal busy-ness; regular meetings and stand-ups to disseminate information, frequent one-on-ones to ensure there are no frustrations building up, a code of conduct and a formal complaint process to resolve conflicts early-on.

You thrive in a self-directed and open work environment. There’s no boss breathing down your neck, no deadlines, no fixed work hours and no in-office requirements. It’s really important that you can manage your time well, and you know what you need in order to do your job well (e.g. what work hours to pick so you have enough time to communicated with team members effectively)


As a key member of the back-end team, you’ll:




Lasso’s vision is to be the technology hub for new home sales in North America by providing a unique combination of remarkable software and expert services. To achieve our vision we need great developers. That’s why we’ve created a great work environment, encouraging self-direction, personal development, and teamwork. If you think you’re a good fit, send your resume and cover letter to

Lasso is privately held and based in Richmond, BC, Canada. To learn more please visit

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