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Software Developer - Rails, React

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javascript ruby rails java frontend backend postgres react api senior ansible

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Headquarters: Washington, DC


About Us

We are GovPredict, an exponentially growing, Y Combinator-backed startup in Washington, DC. Our software+data product helps companies predict what the US government will do. We work with Fortune 500 publicly-traded companies, Ivy-League universities, and United States House and Senate offices. Our culture is “build fast and ask questions later.” But we value rigor and best-practices too. Our team of powerful engineers is building the software that no government has ever seen before.

Our team of top-tier software developers is distributed around the world and our sales + business development is in the USA.

Our Stack

Ruby on Rails backend, ReactJS front end, Python scrapers, Postgres, Mongo, Redis, Elastic Search, AWS, RabbitMQ, Terraform, and Ansible.

About the Job

As a developer at GovPredict, you will be responsible for architecting software, providing technical leadership, writing smart+scalable code, and helping grow our team. You will be a team leader working with data nobody has ever worked with before.

You will work on frontend and backend features. Our product pulls in data from structured APIs or from unstructured sources with our python scrapers. We then manipulate, organize, and display it in never before seen ways to our customers.

This is a 100% remote and full-time job. 


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