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Kraken Bitcoin Exchange

Software Engineer - Crypto/Payments

Added Apr 06 from StackOverflow Careers

node devops backend docker software engineer api scala git game crypto security

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By joining Kraken, you’ll work on the bleeding edge of bitcoin and other digital currencies, and play an important role in helping shape the future of how the world sees and uses money. At Kraken, we constantly push ourselves to think differently and forge new paths in a rapidly growing industry fraught with unexplored territory, which is why Kraken has grown to be among the largest and most successful bitcoin exchanges in the world. If you’re truly interested in pushing the envelope by disrupting an industry that some say cannot be disrupted, then we just might have the job meant for you. Kraken is a place for dreamers and doers - to succeed here, we firmly believe you must possess each in spades. Check out all of our job postings here

Our Engineering team is having a blast while delivering the most sophisticated crypto-trading platform out there. Help us continue to define and lead the industry.



We're working on the future of currency and intergalactic financial freedom!  Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are the way forward.  Payward's the name, Kraken's the game.

Our currency agnostic exchange and trading platform allows users to trade math-based, crypto, national currencies and other emerging assets.  We support both simple conversion from one asset to another as well as leveraged margin trading, allowing users to take short positions.

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