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Siili Solutions Oyj

Backend Developers

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clojure java backend docker mobile rest aws cloud scala ios git

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True perfection never rests, and that’s why neither do we!
We are looking for Backend Developers to join our family of over 500 highly skilled digital craftsmen and –women.
We build value-adding digital services together with our clients. In our everyday work, we believe in clean code and test automation. Our developers are modern artisans who craft the code, choose the tools and build the serverless environments. We are strong believers in continuous learning and always want to develop further. We are passionate about functional programming and lately we’ve been really into Clojure.
What are we looking for?

We expect you to be a skilled developer with previous experience in software development and agile methods. We hope you share our passion for continuous development and want to develop your skills further with modern technologies no matter what your current stack is.
We expect that you have:

We would also be really happy to see cloud technologies (AWS, Azure), microservices and/or modern platforms such as Docker in your background.
What do we offer?

At Siili, you will be a part of a tribe where modern artisans have gathered around similar interests. Belonging to your tribe ensures that you have the support of a Tribal lead, sparring partners when you need them, and regular contact with like-minded people.
We offer you the chance to work with the best colleagues, Siilis, and with the best clients and projects. You will never be bored – we strongly believe in continuous improvement, which means you will always be able to deepen your expertise with us. Being a Siili also means that you get to work with different teams, yet be the master of your own work – we trust you.

If you'd like to know more about how it actually is working at Siili, check out Esko's story.

Siili is a family of over 550 expert digital craftsmen and –women, who share a passion to build and design awesome, functional digital services. We always want to be the best at what we do. Together we co-create modern web, mobile, data-driven and beautifully designed services for our customers and their end users. 

We believe you should never stop learning new things and improving your craft, which means you can grow as tall as you want to grow with us. Being a Siili means that you get to work with different teams, clients and technologies, yet be the master of your own work – we trust you and your expertise.

We also offer you an attractive compensation package with great benefits.

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